Question: If we die will we be reborn again in another life? If so how does this work?

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  1. Short answer: In science, it wouldn’t

    The first thing you need for reincarnation to work is a ‘you’ that’s not your body, because we’re assuming your body dies and the ‘you’ that remains gets a different body.

    Science has a problem with this ‘dualism’ ; mind and body as separate things. Science is about measuring things and it’s difficult to measure something that doesn’t have a physical output.

    There is a concept of ‘mind’ in science, but it is always tied to the brain and/or the body. So really the only way to do it is through a full brain transplant.

    However: Reincarnation as a religious concept is not really something that anyone should compare to or measure by science. Religion and Science are completely different realms.


  2. You mean when we die 🙂
    This is a big question! My answer is no (from a purely scientific perspective of course), and that’s what I believe, but do I really know? Absolutely not.


  3. Science can’t really answer this question!
    We will all die though, that is a certainty.


  4. Nobody knows the answer to this question!

    I know that some people think they are the reincarnation of famous dead people, but I think that’s more of a psychological disorder than reality!!