Question: What is the physicla difference inbetween average people and autists? Why?

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  1. I am thinking that Peter knows more about this than me, but there are definitely some interesting things that happen in relation to autistic people’s eye movements, and that’s a physical difference to some extent! 🙂

    Most people, when shown a face will look at the eyes and mouth, because that’s the best way to tell what a person is feeling, or what mood they are in. Autistic people however don’t look at those places, they’ll look all around the face! Researchers think this might be linked to their bad ability at social interactions!


  2. Hi jdude, it really comes down to the brain on this one, and often the differences are not ones we can easily see. It’s to do with how many cells in the brain, how well those cells communicate with one another, and how well certain brain chemicals work. The fact that there’s nothing easy to see has mean progress is this field has been pretty slow, but it is getting better!



  1. Thank you very much!
    This helped me a lot!