Question: what is the amount of brain cells be have, and when you head butt a ball or hit your head on something, do you lose brain cells?

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  1. We have billions of brain cells!! Most of the time your skull protects your brain when you hit your head (that’s what it’s there for!), but if you hit your head really hard, for example if you’re in a car accident or something, then your brain can actually move inside your skull, and the front or back of the brain can hit the inside of the skull!! This can cause some brain damage to those areas, which of course depends on how severe the impact is.

    But I would say every-day head-hitting wouldn’t cause too much of a problem!


  2. As Emma says, it would gave to be a very heavy hit to the head to lose brain cells!
    The last guess of the number of neurons in our brains was 86 billion!
    Then there are other cells in your brain that are just as important as neurons and the number of those cells is probably at least double the number of neurons!
    That is a LOT of cells 🙂


  3. There is some evidence that heat butting and boxing can result in symptoms and damage similar to concussion or brain injury. (

    The evidence suggests taht you don’t necessarily lose brain cells, more the connections and with it brain function. No wonder soccer players sometimes seem a bit daft.