Question: my friend said that your blood is blue inside your body and it changes to red when it reaches oxygen, is this true

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  1. The blood that is pumped away from your heart has more oxygen in it and is a bright red colour. This bright red blood, or oxygenated blood, travels in arteries to your organs. The arteries are not as close to the skin as veins. The blood that travels in veins is less oxygenated because it has traveled through the organs of the body which have taken away the oxygen from the blood.
    This blood is a darker red colour. Although our veins look blue, the blood within them is not blue. The blue colour has to do with the way that thin layers of fat beneath the skin absorb different wavelengths of light.
    So your friend is half-right!


  2. I remember you asked this in the chat! 🙂

    Did you talk to your friend after?