Question: Do color blind people dream in color or in black and white?

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  1. Good question!! When you’re colourblind, you don’t actually see the world in black and white – rather you see it in a yucky shade of yellow-green. This is because there are 3 types of ‘cones’ in your retina, and each is responsive to a different wavelength of light – blue, green, red. The most common type of colourblindness means that you lose the cone which responds to reddish colours. The visual system develops based on what people see in their lives, so if someone is always colourblind, their mental representation of the world would be only including the colours they see – so their imagination would similarly be only in those colours!

    So my guess is that colourblind people would dream in the same colour-range which they see!



  1. So they can’t ever see some colors.