Question: How many brain cells do we have?

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  1. Billions!! Too many to count I’d say!!


  2. Hi,
    I answered a question similar to this one yesterday. The most recent estimate is about 86 billion neurons or nerve cells in the brain. We would then have at least double that number I would guess of non-neuronal cells such as glia and the cells that make up the blood vessel walls. Glia are very important because they help provide nutritional support for neurons as well as doing a lot of other very important stuff too-when the glia are not working properly, it has a huge effect on the way your brain works!



  1. Does any one have more brain cells then each other?


    • we don’t know for sure, but people do have different sized brains, so it does make sense that we would have different numbers of cells. But out of 86 billion, the number that is different is probably quite small!
      Plus, with some diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, your brain cells actually start to die, so people who have had a brain injury or brain disease would probably have a lower number than healthy people.