Question: Can we determine the subjects that children will be more proficient in by medical testing or what their personalities will be when they develop into an adult?

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  1. Interesting question! The things that people are good at when they are young, or their personalities will probably predict what they will be good at later in life, or what their personalities will be, but only to a certain extent. Our personalities continue to grow as we get older, so you can never predict what a 8 year old will be like when they’re 18, or 25.

    You can do tests with children to see if they’re good at maths or english, but generally these skills depend on their education, and learning of the subject, and the environmental factors they have – if someone reads a lot, they’re going to be better at english. If someone does a lot of maths problems for fun, they’re going to be better at maths!

    There’s no simple answer to this, because there are so many different factors to consider!