Question: There is something called "Mozart Effect", Dr. Gordon Shaw demonstrated that listening to Mozart make you smarter is it true?

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  1. I think that different types of music can affect your brain, but just listening to Mozart necessarily makes you smarter. Studies have looked at this, and found that listening to Mozart doesn’t increase performance on cognitive tasks – sadly!! It would be good to be able to be smarter just by listening to music!


  2. I tend to think this is a great way to sell music CDs to parents to make their babies smarter, but in terms of science, is a bit of a load of rubbish.
    It is VERY important that babies and children are exposed to lots of different experiences, visual (sight), auditory (sound), tactile (touch) and also lots of exercise so that their brains can develop well and the cells can make lots of connections.
    In science, it is very common that a person can make a claim, but unless the same experiments and the same results have been found by other scientists, it probably was a chance finding and probably isn’t 100% true.