Sarah Blunden

Photo: Sarah

Me and my Work: Sharing my knowledge of sleep – what it does, what it doesn’t do and what happens when you dont get enough of it – with everyone, particularly students.

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Peter Enticott

Photo: Peter

Me and my Work: I conduct research into the neuroscience of autism spectrum disorder.

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Kristyn Bates

Photo: Kristyn

Me and my Work: I am interested in how our brain works and how to make it work better!

Status: Bye! Thanks for all those mind-bending questions!

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Josien de Bie

Photo: Josie

Me and my Work: I’m a loud neuroscientist who loves anything brain related, and cake.

Status: Oh well, will miss the chats!

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Emma Stewart

Photo: Emma

Me and my Work: I run experiments to work out how the brain uses vision to plan accurate hand movements.

Status: So many great questions to answer!!

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