Question: My eighth question: Why don't people think the same way. Is it due to the brain or is it due to something else? Some people use more of their left side of the brain but some use more of their right side of the brain. But there are even some that use both the two parts of the brain equally. Do you know which side of the brain you use more?

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  1. I think it’s a bit of a myth that some people are more left or right brained – realistically everyone uses both sides of their brain a lot, because different sorts of processing happen in both – ie language in the left hemisphere, and spatial awareness in the right.

    Things which make us different, like our personalities come from the frontal lobe – this is what differentiates us from each other more than any other part!!


  2. Yeah, the left-right thing is a nice story, but not really true!
    Everybody’s brain is just as unique as they are, no two brains are ever exactly the same, which makes teaching brain anatomy labs interesting 🙂
    The general plan and layout is the same, but everybody has different learning experiences and genes that means that their brain cells may connect and communicate in different ways.
    And the amazing thing is that most of us can all function in a completely normal way! How awesome is the brain???



  1. It’s awesome! I thought that there was different amount of usages of which side of the brain people used (we did at mini test of which side of the brain we used most, but I guess it was pointless).But that’s so cool that no two people’s brains are the same.