Question: How much function does a brain have when you still havent been born?

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  1. Their brains will be set to and idle resting state – they don’t have any sensory input, so their brains won’t need to process that, and all their other needs are provided by the mother, so the brain doesn’t need to control these.

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  2. Loads!!
    The fetus is very active while still in the womb, practising movements, opening and closing the mouth and babies can also see and hear in the womb!
    The brain actually starts to form in the 4th of week after the egg has been fertilised, so before the mother even knows that she is pregnant.
    Babies even get hiccups and have periods of sleep while in the womb 🙂
    Maybe, if you can, you could ask your Mum how much you moved before you were born 🙂