Question: how do you get a studder? is a studder related to tourette's in any way?

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  1. People don’t know the exact cause of stuttering, and it can be different for different people. There seems to be a genetic link, but having another speech problem can also make you more likely to stutter. Additionally early trauma can play a role, and there have been studies showing a difference in the language processing centre of the brain between stutterers and non-stutterers.

    So basically, there are a whole range of factors which can cause stuttering!

    It doesn’t seem to be related to Tourettes – Tourettes is a disorder where you get lots of motor tics, stuttering seems to be just a speech impediment.


  2. Stuttering is really interesting. For a full explanation, you’d probably need to ask a speech specialist, these people are called speech pathologists.
    Stuttering is when there are involuntary gaps or extra sounds in speech and can be make the person with a stutter feel very excluded from the rest of society because speech is so important to humans.
    Early treatment seems to be the best thing to try and cure stuttering and it seems to be that stuttering happens because there is a problem during early childhood years, when kids are learning how to speak. It seems that stuttering can run in families, so it may be that genes are involved. If a child has an injury to the mouth or tongue this can cause stuttering and there may also be problems with the way people can hear that can cause stuttering.

    Stuttering and stammering is quite common, did you know Lewis Carroll, who wrote Alice in Wonderland suffered from stuttering?

    Tourettes syndrome is different and seems to be more of a psychiatric disorder, or a problem in the way the person’s brain actually works. Its similar in that the person says things that they don’t really want to, but in Tourettes, it seems that people will say the same thing involuntarily, whereas a stutterer is more varied in the words they have trouble with.
    Interesting question!