Question: My fourth question: How come, sometimes a twin can feel the pain the other twin has?

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  1. I don’t know, and I doubt science knows.

    There is something like expreme emphaty and there is evidence that you tend to feel more ‘psychological emphatic pain’ when the closer the person you see experiencing it is to you.

    Most likely these stories are made up after the fact and very selective. You may have pain in your foot one day, and then your twin calls and tells you they hurt their foot. You remember that coincidence. Even though there may be may occasions your foot hurts and there is nothing going on with your twin, but you forget those..


  2. Twins are so fascinating! We don’t really know why this is yet, but my bet is that because twins were in the womb together and usually have grown up together, they share a lot of experiences and can have a greater degree of feeling for each other, or empathy than normal siblings would have.
    This is one of the mysteries of the world!



  1. Ok! Thank you!