Question: is your brain capable to control a robot ?

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  1. Yes! There is a lot of progress in this field. There are quite a few scientist who are trying to figure out how we could get the brain to control robots or robot like machines. Especially in trying to make life better for disabled or paralyzed people.

    They’re called brain-computer interfaces (BCI) and they can already do amazing things. For instance, a scientist called Nicolelis developed BCIs that decoded brain activity in owl monkeys and used the devices to reproduce monkey movements in robotic arms. Awesome , eh?


  2. As Josie said, there is a lot of research about this!! It’s pretty cool watching videos of people controlling robotic arms with their minds!


  3. Sure can!! As Emma and Josie have said, this is a huge field of science research because it can help people who have lost their limbs or we can control robots to do things that are too dangerous for people to do like explore deep under the ocean, inside volcanoes or even outer space!!!
    Your brain needs to be connected somehow to the robot, this is usually done by a computer and you will probably need to be wearing a helmet type thing that can measure your brain activity-brain waves