Question: I have trouble sleeping, mainly lately, it's isn't that I don't want to sleep it's just that i litterally can not manage to got to sleep despite trying a bunch of things that are supposed to help and sometimes that means I don't sleep at all except for mabye a few minutes in the morning. So my mum and I were thinking that maybe we should try like a vitamin thing tailored for helping sleep or a reeeally mild (natural) sleeping pill or something so I just wanted to know what sleeping pills do to your brain or if they damage or alter (bad or good way) the function or your brain in any way?

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  1. Poor thing!!
    I would go and speak to your Dr/GP and see if they can help you out.
    Sleeping pills can be quite dangerous and addictive and they don’t really give you a proper, restful sleep.
    Sometimes doing some exercise a couple of hours before going to bed and having a really good routine like no tv, no eating can help start getting your brain ready for bed-this is called sleep hygeine.
    But definitely go see a medical professional and hopefully they will be able to help you out-good luck!!


  2. Sleep is very important, and if you’re having this level of difficulty you should definitely go to see a GP about it. If used properly and under medical supervision then medications that help with sleep are not considered dangerous and will not damage the brain, but they are not a long-term solution. There are different types of sleeping medications (and like any medications there are side effects to each), but essentially they’re promoting chemical processes in the brain that bring it on sleep. Best of luck!!