Question: How did you find study?


  1. I liked studying at UNi. I’ve always liked reading and learning, and I finally got to do the stuff that interested me most of the time (no more economics or geography, yay!).

    Doing a PhD is very similar to Uni, only you get to specialise even more and there are no more tests (also yay!) I still struggle sometimes with being disciplined and doing all the reading and tasks I have to do, but I wouldn’t want to do anything else!


  2. Study can be really fun, but it can also be quite tedious!! I loved studying subjects I was interested in at uni, and I loved uni in general, but some topics were really boring, so it was hard to be motivated to study for those!!


  3. If you’re studying something you find interesting, its much easier to put in the work because you enjoy the subject! It becomes fun!
    I did not like Maths at school, I was soooo bad at it and I just didn’t understand it. But the subjects that I liked, biology, history, literature were easy to study!!