Question: how strong is the link between sleeping patterns and mental health?

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  1. Great question!
    There seems to be a number of links between sleeping and mental health.
    Sleep is important for the rhythms in our body, which in turn mean that our brains can function properly, bodies can heal, hormonal balance etc.
    Studies have shown that lack of sleep can put people at increased risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease and sleep problems are associated with depression, alcoholism and even bipolar disorder


  2. I agree, the link is pretty strong.

    It’s clear your brain really, really needs sleep and starts malfunctioning without it.

    Funnily enough, it has been shown that sleep deprivation (not sleeping as much as you should) helps against depression. After a while you’ll have to sleep though, and you’ll lose the effect.


  3. The relationship is huge. The more your sleep the better your mental health and vice versa.
    A lot of the mental health issues that we have can be improved when sleep is improved.