Question: why does our body rely on the brain to move and think

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  1. You can think of the brain as the ‘control centre’ for our bodies – the brain works out where we need to move, and then tells different parts of the body to do that. There’s a part of the brain called the ‘motor cortex’ which is responsible for sending these signals out.

    The brain is the only part of the body with the right sort of cells to let us think about things – it makes sense to have your ‘thoughts’ and your body control centre all in the same place – it means you can think about something, or decide something, and then act on it immediately!!


  2. Yep, what Emma said 🙂
    Without our brains, the body can’t move or breathe or regulate its temperature or anything like that!
    This is because the brain is connected to the body through things called nerves. Nerves send messages from the body to the brain and the brain can then send messages to the muscles and organs of the body.