Question: If you didn't become a neuroscientist, would you want to become a marine biologist, as you said yo love the ocean? If so, what organisms would you like to work with?

  1. Hey unicorns, I remember you from the chat!

    I did think of it, I had this dream of wanting to study the behavior of water mammals , so I went to talk to the guys in marine biology. They got really excited and said: “Oh you can join us next week when we go into the North Sea to count algae!”. This was the middle of winter.

    When I asked the professor whether she did much diving beside work she said she’d gone off it because she did so much of it for work.

    I really love diving, and I didn’t want to ruin it for myself. Also, marine biology often means specializing in ecology, and I was never any good at that.

    But yeah, if I got the chance to do behavioral observations in marine mammals, or do learning and communication experiments with dolphins I would drop everything and go 🙂



  1. Yeah we did cover this in the chat, thanks!