Question: What is the most thought-provoking question you've ever been asked, and how did this change your mind on a certain topic?

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  1. Wow, can I say this one?
    Great question. I tend to do a lot of thinking before I make up my mind about something, I’m not a very decisive or spontaneous person 🙂
    There was a time that I was very unhappy in a job that I had and my family used to ask-“why are you doing this job? its making you so unhappy!”. I felt like I had to stay in the job, until eventually, one day when I was driving home, I asked myself-“why am I doing this job? Its making me so unhappy!” So I changed my mind and resigned!


  2. The most thought provoking questions is not really a question, but I question whether it is right…it is aphilosophical question written by French Philosopher caleed Descartes I bleive.

    ” I think, therefore I am.”

    Can you think if you do not exist? Or is thinking existance ?


  3. Ever? I really don’t remember.

    But one of the questions asked here was about being grumpy in the morning. That jogged my brain and made me think I should really have a look at the circadian effects of mood.. I don’t think anyone has really had a good look at it..