Question: Can people with dissorders such as being blind and being deaf be more proficient in their other senses. I know that my neighbour who is completely blind in one eye and has 10% visibility in the other can hear things before anybody else in the room can. Why does the brain

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  1. Yes!

    If we lose one sense, we can compensate with our other senses. In fact, often if people are born without one sense, for example vision, the part of the brain which would normally be used to process vision will instead by taken over by other processes, so could for example be used as an extra area to process language!


  2. Yes, this can certainly happen!
    Because our brains can change and the way that brain cells connect can change, when you lose a particular function, the bits of the brain around that area can take over the lost function, to a small extent. While the recovery is never quite as good as it would have been at the beginning, people are still able to adapt to this loss of function.