Question: are all men colorblind?

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  1. You’d think so if you see their clothing choices sometimes!

    But no. men do have a higher chance of it because they only have the one X chromosome (we women have two! yay us!) but they certainly aren’t all colorblind.

    This statement is easy to test by just going up to a couple of males you know and ask them to distinguish between a red and green ball.


  2. No ,
    otherwise they couldnt drive becuase of the problme of seeing the green or red lights at the traffic lights.


  3. No, but there are more likely to be. Being colourblind means that you’re missing one of the cells called a cone in your retina. Being colourblind doesn’t mean that you see in black and white, rather you see things as being a yucky shade of yellow or green usually.

    There have been some other questions on this, so have a look for those answers too!


  4. As the other scientists have said, no-its just than men are more likely than women to be colour blind.
    There are different types of colourblinded-ness as well, where people are unable to detect different colours, though I think red-green is the most common type.


  5. I’m not… I think!