Question: With an illusion is it a trick on the mind or is it your sight and senses that send an incorrect message on what they think they see.

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  1. Interesting question!

    As far as I know, it’s mostly in the interpretation of the signal. A lot of the stuff that comes in has to be filtered and made sense out of. For instance if you wear glasses that show everything upside down, your brain will fix the interpretation so you see things right way up in about a week.

    So I’m thinking it’s an effect of interpretation.


  2. It’s usually the way that your brain interprets the information that you see.

    Our brains are really good at trying to make sense of all the complex visual input they receive, and this ‘making sense’ of things often makes you see patterns which aren’t actually there.

    There are some visual illusions which play on the way that the cells in your eyes actually function, but for the most part, it’s because of your brain’s interpretation of what you see!


  3. The brain mostly…As the brain is where the interpretation and perception OF what we are sensing happens.



  1. That is very interesting as I originally thought it was your eyes miss-interpreting something but now I know.