Question: What creates our personality's? I know that we get our looks from our parents but are personality's the same?

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  1. This is a complicated one 🙂
    Its a mixture of the genes that we inherit from our parents, and the environment that we grow up in and also the experiences that we have.


  2. yes i agree with @krysten’s comment.
    I think that we are all born with a personality that is somewhere on what I call the Hippie Scale” !!
    At the lowest score on the Hippies Scale, ( 1) we are clearlky like a Hippie,….calm….relaxed…easy going….and cope well with things….
    At 10 on the Hippie Scale, we are serioulsy stressed, worried and dont cope as well with new things.
    So if we are born with a personality of 3 on the Hippie Scale, and we are trying to coep with things, then we do OK and so the micture between what we are and what happens to us is clear. If we are 8 on the Hippie Scale, and we do something new, we are probably going to be stressed and not cope so well.
    So yes, short answer ( that was NOT a short answer!!) it is a mixture of how we are born and what happens to us in life. !


  3. I agree. It’s both.

    Although sometimes someone is fine growing up, great childhood and everything and then gets a chemical or physical brain defect and get a giant personality disorder anyway.

    I love that hippie-scale by the way!


  4. Nice question! There are certainly a large range of genetic influences on our brains (e.g. on neurotransmitters, or chemical messengers), which in turn influence our personality. But then we have our personality shaped by the huge number of experiences we have, particularly earlier on in life while our brain is still developing.



  1. Oh wow I never knew that we can get our personality from the environment we grew up in and the experiences we have! Thanks for answering Kristyn. 😀


  2. @Sarah, Haha the hippie scale 🙂