Question: the immune system is an important part of the body why, when you get sick is spreaded across the family and why when it goes to each person they have different symptoms to the first?

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  1. I love immunity questions 🙂

    Because you live in close quarters with your family (sharing space, meals, furniture, air, hugs) it’s easy for an infection to spread before your immune system gets it under control.

    Your immune system’s first priority is to get rid of anything threatening you, it doesn’t really care about anyone else. Bacteria and viruses make a priority of being incredibly contagious in the first stage of infection. Those two factors make it easy for an infection to spread.

    Because everybody’s body and immune system are different, there will be differences in reaction to an infection. Plus, everybody in the family gets infected at a different time, and the infection will progress at different speeds inside their bodies, which may cause them to have different symptoms.

    Thanks for the question!