Question: If you sleep during the day because you work a night shift does your brain change?

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  1. Yes, in a way

    And not just your brain, but your whole body tries to adapt you to functioning well at the time you’re active. It takes a while to switch everything around though, it’s much like giving yourself a jetlag.

    Night shifts are particularly difficult because you don’t have sunlight to tell your biological clock to be active. And you don’t tend to eat meals the way you would during a working day either. Your liver helps you turn food into energy in the most effective way possible and it also has a tiny biological clock that needs resetting when you change shifts.


  2. Brains can change in lots of ways, not just the structure of the brain, or how it looks, but by the way it works.
    When your body clock is disrupted, this means that there are changes in the way the brain cells communicate with each other.
    Its important to remember that your brain is ALWAYS changing, that’s how we learn new things! That is why I think brains are so amazing, because they are able to change and adapt to allow us to learn new skills and languages and facts and all sorts of great things 🙂



  1. if say you work night shift one week than day shift the next can your body change quickly enough to what your doing?