Question: If you could predict how we act and if we develop into anothe species like the apes formed us what would we look like?

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  1. Great question! Although I should probably start by saying that humans didn’t form from apes, but rather we have common ancestors a long time back. You’d have to think about what traits/features would help us (a) survive and (b) produce offspring. There’s also other factors needed for emergence of a new species, including geographical separation. It’s a hard question to answer, and I think that modern, highly organised societies have probably changed the rules a little for evolution of humans, certainly compared to thousands of years ago, when there might have been (for example) a greater reliance on physical strength or other bodily attributes. Maybe the brain would have something to do with it? I highly recommend watching “Beneath the Planet of the Apes” for a fictional possible answer to this question! 🙂


  2. Maybe we are changing to cope with less exercise, so maybe our future selves will be able to cope with things like obesity better?
    If we don’t do something more serious about climate change, we may change to deal with pollution better, or have skin and eyes that can better cope with sun damage?
    Or, in a similar thread to Peter, maybe we will need to live underground 🙂


  3. I think we will evolve to suit the decreasing levels of physical activity we will inevitably do. I think our brains will get bigger too because there seems to be more emphasis on learning and thinking than ever before!

    Other than that I agree with what Peter and Kristyn have already said! Also, I am imagining people to look like they do in the movie Wall-E…which is a bit of a depressing future!!