Question: i want to be an archeologist, whats the most important thing i will need to pay attention in, in school, i know you eed to know everything but whats the most important

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  1. If you know what it is you want to study, the best thing to do is to check out the university websites which will list all the courses they offer and what subjects (and exam scores/results!) you need to qualify for entry. For example, you may need to do chemistry or maths at school to get into a Bachelor of Science course.
    Talking to people who are archeologists can also help you out, to hear what their journeys were to get where they are. This can also help you decide if its something you may really want to do!
    But having said all that, the best thing to do is to keep your options open by getting the best marks you can and studying a range of subjects so that you have the maximum number of choices available to you.
    Good luck!


  2. I wanted to be an archeologist when I was in school!!

    My cousin is an archeologist, and he says his students have to learn lots of ancient languages, and modern languages too, because lots of the things you will have to read are published in other languages.

    So I would suggest that things like history of course are important, and languages! Though it’s probably unlikely that your school will teach Latin or Ancient Greek!! :p