Question: How many dreams do we have each night?


  1. As you may have read in the answer to the other dreaming question (‘do our dreams mean something.. etc’) deciding on what exactly a dream is, is already tricky. Quantifying them seems impossible to me, sorry 🙁

    You may want to google ‘lucid dreaming’ if you’re interested in influencing how you dream.


  2. Apparently the average is 3-5 dreams per night and dreams usually occur during the rapid-eye movement (REM) phase of sleep. We usually have about 2 hours of REM sleep in an 8 hour block of sleep.
    But there are probably lots of factors that may affect how many dreams you have each night.
    I love flying dreams the best!


  3. As the others have said – it’s hard to quantify dreams! I find that my dreams meld from one to another but it’s hard to differentiate them!

    I always think it would be fascinating to record our dreams if it were possible!