Question: Can you tell me the most intersting fact you have?

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  1. I think the most interesting thing in neuroscience is that all animals have a brain. If you think about all the different ways that animals live, it means that we have so many different types of brains on the planet to study and be amazed by.


  2. When you die, most of your brain cells stay alive for quite a bit, as do a lot of your other cells. It may be a bit morbid, but it’s true!


  3. We have different parts of the brain which seem to encode different types of semantic categories – such as furniture, animals, vehicles.

    Some researchers in the US studied this, to make a map of how these groups of things are represented in the brain. They used this map to “read” people’s minds by showing them movie clips while they were in a brain scanner and seeing which areas in their “brain word map” lit up. It’s so fascinating, because from just looking at the output from the brain scanner, they could tell what was going on in the movies, by which parts of the brain showed the most activity!!

    You can see more about this here – I think this is some of the most fascinating research I’ve ever seen!



  1. Thanks I learnt something new!