Question: Is it scientifically true that ghosts are real?

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  1. Short answer: no.

    There certainly is no scientific evidence for the ‘sheet-over-the-head-boohoohoo’ -type of ghost.

    As in most things in science, it all depends on definition. If I remember my grandmother really strongly, so that I can imagine what she would have said if I talked to her. You could say that she is still with me ‘in spirit’ . If that is your definition of a ghost, then you could make a case for it. But that sort of thing is more philosophy than real quantifiable science.

    Top tip: Watch Derren Brown’s ‘Seance’ to see what your brain can make you think you experience.


  2. Definitely not! 🙂
    But you could think about how you might test this with an experiment. That’s really what something would need to be scientific — it has to be able to be tested. Any ideas?


  3. No scientific proof as yet.
    Science is actually not about proving things, rather disproving things-this is what is called the scientific method. We find evidence or facts that support ideas, and often these facts help disprove an idea or hypothesis.
    That is why science is kind of complicated sometimes because we can never say that something has been 100% proven.


  4. There’s no evidence to prove that there is!!

    I think that psychologically, people try to ascribe meaning to events that they can’t understand, and so if someone is at home, and sees something out of the corner of their eye, they might think it’s a ghost, when in fact it’s only a shadow.

    I think that a lot of supernatural phenomena have been created as a way for people to explain things that they don’t understand – especially hundreds of years ago when there wasn’t enough scientific knowledge to explain things!