Question: Is being a scientist hard?

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  1. Short answer : If you want it and it makes you happy: No, not at all.

    As I’ve said before: Everything depends on your definition. What’s hard? Doing something that you don’t like doing? Doing something that required you to think a lot?

    Personally, I find trying to understand cricket hard.

    But that’s mostly because it doesn’t really interest me, it doesn’t fit into the way my mind works.

    So, being a scientist means doing a lot of math (but you can use a computer and a calculator). It means reading a lot of scientific literature (but you can use a dictionary). It means you have to come up with good experiments (but you can always ask for help).

    The hardest thing about being a scientist is also the best thing: Nobody tells you what to do, it’s all you.


  2. It can be sometimes, when experiments aren’t going how you wanted, or when you can’t work out how to solve a problem. However, I don’t think it’s harder than any other job!


  3. Parts of it can be hard, its hard to get money to do your research. But its mostly a lot of fun!