Question: Can certain things weaken the immune system? etc, salt water.


  1. Yes!.. although I’m not sure salt water is one of them.

    Stress can suppress the immune system. Being stressed tricks the body into thinking there you’re in danger. Because you don’t have time to fight off an infection when there is a bear after you the immune system is suppressed.

    When your body needs energy and resources for something important, like keeping you safe or warm; the immune system is the first to go. Which is why being out in the cold puts you at risk of getting sick, but doesn’t ‘make’ you sick.

    There is a lot of nonsense on commercials these days about stuff that weakens or strengthens the immune system, always do your own research!


  2. Not enough sleep can weaken the immune system. Sleep helps the immune system to re- energise.People who do not sleep well are more likely to have colds coughs, and even break bones !!


  3. The immune system is an amazing part of biology, it is so interesting how cells in our body know what is foreign (i.e. germs) and what is “self” (i.e. what is part of your body) and this is so important to how we can fight infections but also to diseases like cancer, allergies, arthritis and diabetes.
    So things like not enough sleep, too much stress, exposure to forms of radiation, malnutrition (not eating properly), drug and alcohol abuse and getting older are some things that can make our immune systems weaker.


  4. Everyone else seems to have answered this one pretty well!!

    From my own personal experience, when I am really stressed I always get sick…that just makes the stress worse too!! 😀